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Protecting Military Members from Civilian Convictions

American servicemembers usually have any infractions and crimes settled by the military court under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. However, not all crimes fall solely under military jurisdiction.

Non-military criminal cases, such as off-base DUIs, drug charges, or theft crimes, cannot be defended by military legal assistance. If you’ve been charged with a civilian offense, you need aggressive civilian criminal defense. Failure to acquire adequate representation stands to harm you beyond the criminal charges you face, as you could be subject to an other than honorable discharge, thus losing your job and blemishing your honor. Protect your freedom and your career. Contact Damascus Road Law Group to defend your case.

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Will I Get a Dishonorable Discharge?

With a reprehensible civilian criminal charge, such as sexual assault, murder, or desertion, you are at risk of the highest level of military punishment: dishonorable discharge. Not only will this effectively terminate your current employment, but it could make future job hunting more difficult. When dishonorably discharged by a general court martial, you:

  • are separated from the military;
  • forfeit the benefits from your military service;
  • are disqualified from other government benefits and assistance;
  • lose the right to own firearms;
  • will have your dishonorable discharge on your background check;
  • are typically disqualified from government jobs and face extreme difficulty finding other available jobs; and
  • will suffer consequences to your reputation in the eyes of your fellow servicemembers.

This discharge and all its repercussions come on top of the criminal charge that caused it.

Limitations to Double Jeopardy for Military Cases

Military members are susceptible to military and state charges, as the state government is seen as independent from national government, giving room for both sovereigns to enforce applicable punishments to broken laws. This means that, with a civilian case, you could face punishments for any Colorado laws broken, and then still be subject to punitive and administrative penalties from the military.

Do not succumb to your civilian charge without fighting for your freedom. Damascus Road Law Group is ready to provide you with the support you need.

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Damascus Road Law Group offers aggressive defense for military members charged with DUI in Fort Carson. Call now to fight the charge and protect your freedom.

Fort Carson DUI Attorney

Helping Military Members Fight DUI Charges

Military members facing DUI charges have more at stake than civilians. In addition to the relevant criminal charges, servicemembers charged with a DUI could face dishonorable discharge, rank and pay reduction, fines, and more.

Military courts do not have exclusive jurisdiction over DUI cases. If civilian and military authorities both file charges, they will collaborate to decide how to prosecute. If your DUI charge is within the jurisdiction of civilian court, it’s imperative that you recruit powerful representation from Damascus Road Law Group.

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Military Members Charged with DUI Outside of Base

If a civilian officer charges a military member outside of base, it’s likely their case will go to civilian court and only face criminal charges set forth by that court. Still, the military could impose administrative punishments on top of the legal penalties, including:

  • Revoking pass privileges
  • Requiring completion of substance abuse treatment
  • Corrective training

Even though the civilian court would be handling the DUI case, the Uniform Code of Military Justice could still charge you with additional applicable offenses, such as disorderly conduct. For any DUI charges in civilian court, you will be unable to rely on military defense counsel. Luckily, Damascus Road Law Group remains available to assist servicemembers with these civilian cases through powerful and effective legal defense.

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How Does a DUI Affect My Military Career?

If found guilty of a DUI as a military member, you could be subject to being “chaptered out.” Chaptering, in addition to being an other than honorable discharge, results in a loss of your military benefits. If you are chaptered out, you:

  • become ineligible for VA federal veteran benefits;
  • lose GI Bill money to continue your education;
  • are unable to qualify for unemployment; and
  • absorb a social stain for getting an other than honorable discharge.

Our attorney will help fight to prevent this and restore your freedom and benefits.

Challenging DUI Evidence

As a DUI defense law firm in Colorado, we know that our legal system requires DUI evidence to be tested in the courtroom by cross-examination, and our team has honed our skills when it comes to challenging every aspect of a DUI case.

DUI defense requires a skilled Fort Carson attorney who understands the scientific and legal processes that intersect in DUI cases, and who fights hard to confront the police and the prosecution in the courtroom. If you are facing civilian DUI charges, we urge you to contact Damascus Road Law Group as soon as possible to discuss the details of your case in a phone consultation.

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