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While being accused of any criminal activity is alarming, facing violent crime charges can be exceedingly frightening. Convictions of violent crimes often carry the most stringent penalties, usually involving significant fines and up to a lifetime in prison.

At Damascus Road Law Group, our lead Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney, Alexander Berry, realizes the extensive ramifications of violent crime allegations. The perils of these types of charges necessitate formidable and swift legal advocacy to protect your rights and your freedoms. He is undaunted in his zealous representation of clients, no matter what the nature of the charge or how high the stakes.

Accusations of a violent crime can create widespread and permanent harm to your reputation, your future, and your freedom. Obtaining skilled legal counsel immediately is critical to ensuring that your rights and liberties are not damaged further.

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Our firm holds fast to the principal that everyone deserves high quality and tenacious representation for every legal crisis they encounter. Attorney Berry has personal knowledge of being wrongfully accused and understands the personal, financial, and emotional toll it can place on a victim.

Before founding our firm, he worked in the public defender's office, vigorously defending individuals unable to retain counsel on their own. He utilizes this unique and in-depth perspective when he constructs his resolute defense strategy.

Generally, violent crimes involve violence as the purpose of the crime or as the means by which another crime is committed. Types of violent crimes include:

Violent Crime Allegations Require Immediate Action

If you are confronting violent crime charges or you suspect you might soon be charged, contact Damascus Road Law Group today to reach our compassionate and assertive criminal defense lawyer in Colorado Springs.

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