Damascus Road Obtains Dismissal for Harassment & Mischief Charges

Recently, Damascus Road Law Group was able to obtain a dismissal of Harassment and Criminal Mischief charges. Both charges are considered misdemeanors and can include a restraining order.

Harassment is any act that has to do with annoying or alarming another person. Striking or pushing another person also falls under this heading.

Other actions included in harassment charges are:

  • Using obscene language or gestures with another person in public
  • Following a person
  • Contacting someone via phone or computer in order to harass or threaten them
  • Insulting, taunting or challenging someone repeatedly

A conviction could result in a $50 fine and up to 6 months in jail. Criminal mischief, on the other hand, is intentionally damaging another's property and the punishments are tied to the value of the property which was damaged or defaced. For property worth less than $500 for example, the maximum penalty is 3 months in jail and up to $1,000 in fines.

How are harassment and mischief charges contested?

The Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney from Damascus Road Law Group was able to undermine the prosecution's charges successfully and get his client off the hook. Criminal mischief can be avoided if your defense lawyer can cast doubt upon whether you intended to violate or damage someone's property. Accidently causing damage does not count as criminal mischief. Even if you did ruin property deliberately, your attorney can argue that the prosecution is overestimating the worth of the object.

In the same way, harassment charges can be a case of mistaken identity. The prosecution will have no case against you if you can prove you were not the one causing such aggravation. Harassment can sometimes be charged as a form of retribution against a person. The alleged victim may be accusing you out of spite instead of having any real grounds for the charge.

Whatever criminal charges you may be facing, you have a right to a legal defense. Call a seasoned Colorado criminal defense lawyer from Damascus Road Law Group today.

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