Attorney Berry Featured in New Ad

Have you ever been accused of a crime? Were you shook up by the process, even though you were completely innocent? Attorney Alexander Berry of the Damascus Road Law Group knows exactly how you were feeling. He was misidentified as a suspect by the police in the past too! This is one of the many reasons he is qualified to take on all types of criminal matters. Having this kind of experienced and understanding defense in your corner gives you peace of mind, no matter what your charges are.

Latest Radio Ad Talks DUI Defense

Damascus Road Law Group has recently been featured in a new radio ad. The informative ad runs through a scenario where a Colorado Springs man is driving home after a long day of work and gets pulled over by police. He has never been in trouble with the law before, which makes the experience very nerve wracking for him. They accuse him of DUI, though he wasn't drunk. He feels stressed out by the court process and is embarrassed with how his family and coworkers view him now. Luckily, a friend told him to call Alex Berry for representation.

Attorney Alexander Berry knows how hard it can be when you are accused of a crime you didn't commit. He knows the value of having a strong legal advocate in your corner and makes sure that your side of the story is heard. He gives clients the effective legal defense they need against DUI charges and other criminal offenses.

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Attorney Berry represents his clients with compassion and zeal, and brings experience, knowledge, and professionalism to every case he handles. Want to learn more about the firm? Need to schedule a consultation with a trustworthy Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney? Contact Damascus Road Law Group today!

If you would like to listen to the ad, you can click here.

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