DUIs in Otero County

People often give me a call from Rocky Ford or La Junta. Sometimes they are locals and sometimes they are just driving along Highway 50. My most common calls are either for a Driving Under the Influence “DUI Charge,” or a Driving while ability impaired “DWAI” most often for alcohol, but sometimes for marijuana or even prescription drugs. People are often looking for a lawyer who exclusively handles criminal defenses cases, not ones who dabble in a variety of areas such as divorce, personal injury or wills. People call me because they are looking for a Criminal Defense lawyer they can trust who exclusively handles criminal cases and gets proven results.

If you're charged in Otero County, you're going to have to appear at the Otero County Combined Court located at 13 West Third St, in La Junta.

Depending if you're facing misdemeanor level or Felony DUI charges, you will either be in County or District Court. Your DUI will be charged as a Felony if you have had three or more prior alcohol or drug related driving convictions in your lifetime.

If your DUI case is a misdemeanor level charge, then Judge Manley will preside over the case.If you're facing the felony level DUI Charge, your case will be presided over by Judge Schiferl or Judge MacDonnel.

Upon being arrested and bonding out of the Otero County jail for a DUI charge, it is important to call a DUI lawyer who knows the system and knows how to fight for you aggressively. It is important to call as soon as possible to fight for your rights aggressively.

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