Fort Carson Random Gate Inspection

I hear the same story a lot, “I was stopped by the Military Police at a random gate inspection, when I drove up to Fort Carson, they made me do sobriety tests, I think I passed and then I had to do a breath (or blood) test, now I'm facing charges”

Military members face a lot more severe consequences than the average citizen when faced with a DUI, not only are they facing the loss of license and jail time. If you are military and picked up a charge on base at Fort Carson, or off base by local law enforcement, you're facing involuntary separation “Chaptering”, the loss of your military career. You need a lawyer who is licensed in both Federal and State Courts, and can handle the administrative action of trying to fight the loss of your license at the DMV.

(Here in Colorado, Department of Motor Vehicles is Controlled by Department of Revenue, so if you ever get a letter from Department of Revenue you need to open it immediately)

Alex Berry at the Damascus Road Law Group is willing to work with Military members to get the best result, whether you have picked up a DUI on base or off. You need someone who will fight to keep your license, keep you out of jail and keep your military career. Someone who knows the prosecutors and the judges in both the federal and state systems and can handle the litigation necessary to get results.

Call the Damascus Road Law Group today for the DUI defense that you deserve! 719.354.2052

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